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I am the Momma of a little Corgi pup named Toby and here is our journey!

rachelfershleiser: Bookseller humor.


rachelfershleiserBookseller humor.

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I know that times are hard for people, but if you can give anything to help with Ed’s medical bills I would really appreciate.  I am also going to ask corgipals for help.

If you’re on Tumblr for corgis, you probably know Ed and Jiggles. Ed went into emergency surgery today for a ruptured bladder and her mom is asking for help with her medical bills. I get it if you don’t have the funds right now, but if you could reblog this to help her that would also be stupendous.

Crouch mode

Crouch mode

So I’ve decided I’m in love with Tumblr and I didn’t want to be reblogging things that weren’t Toby on meandmycorgi so I have decided to make a personal blog!

Go ahead and follow me if you want!
There will be posts of corgis still no worries.


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My boys.

My boys.

Tumblr world! Dan and I got engaged!!! And it happened when we were taking Toby for a walk! Toby is so relieved that his parents will be getting married. ;)